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Bartlett Contracting, LLC ImagesWindows are at the core of every Connecticut home. Windows not only bring natural light indoors, but they also keep the elements from entering your home. While new windows are able to adequately perform this function, older windows that are declining will gradually allow the outside air to infiltrate your home. More than 30% of a homes energy bill can be attributed to inefficient windows. Bartlett Contracting has an industry-leading Cheshire window installer since 2002.

Window Inspection

The first thing to do before you decide that your home needs new windows is to have them inspected. A professional Cheshire window replacement contractor will examine your current windows to see if they should be replaced. In some cases, a window may just need to be resealed. This not only helps Connecticut homeowners save money, but it is a part of the elite service that we provide.

Our window technicians will inspect for the following:

  • Inside and outside

  • Window tracks

  • Locks and latches

  • Caulk and weather stripping

  • Weep holes

  • Water damage

  • Air leaks

Cheshire Window Replacement & Installation

If your windows need to be replaced, the old ones will be removed and the area will be prepared for the new replacement windows to be installed. Once the installation process is complete, your Cheshire window installer will ensure that everything has properly cleaned up with attention to detail.

Replacing your windows does not have to be a major project. New installation techniques make it possible to replace the windows in most homes in just one day! This will be determined in the FREE ESTIMATE that we provide you with.


Always validate that the window contractor you are considering is properly licensed, insured, and has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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New Window Benefits

The main barrier that stands between you and the outdoors are your windows. When homeowners make the decision to get new windows with a top-rated Cheshire window contractor, they will:

  • Save money on their energy bills

  • Increase the value of their home

  • Increase the protection of their home

  • Keep the temperature level of their home more comfortable


Bartlett Contracting is able to meet the requirements of any project whether it be a new home construction or a window replacement. Outstanding customer satisfaction and installing the highest quality windows are what we pride ourselves on presenting to all our customers.

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